2018 International Conference on Control Science and Intelligent Manufacturing (ICCSIM 2018) has been held successfully in University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during Jan. 26-28, 2018.





Prof. Togay OzbakkalogluProf. Andrzej Bartoszewicz



Prof. Marcin PaprzyckiProf. Lucian N. VINTAN


ICCSIM 2018 presents researchers, engineers, and academics with an unprecedented opportunity to associate and interact with some of the foremost experts in the field of control science and intelligent manufacturing from around the globe. ICCSIM 2018 aims to be the must-visit conference of the year for the field, and will be the ideal forum for the exchange of ideas and innovations that promise to change the face of the industry. For researchers, engineers, or industry professionals, this conference could mark an important point in your career. 

Conference Venue:

University of Malaya, Malaysia

Conference Venue


University   of Malaya


Conference   Venue in UM

(Research Management   & Innovation Comples)





Conference   Room

(Bilik Seminar 1)



Weather in January in Kuala Lumpur

KL Jan.png

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and one of the most impressive cities in Southeast Asia. The whole city is a technological paradise, which also enjoys perfect weather all-year round. Kuala Lumpur is considered an alpha world city as the sixth most visited city in the world. Tourism in Kuala Lumpur is driven by the exotic city's cultural diversity, relatively low costs, and wide variety in both gastronomy and shopping, as well as for its famous entertainment and nightlife.In January, Kuala Lumpur enjoys mild, welcoming weather even though there are frequent rains. The afternoon temperature reaches its high peak at about 32°C, while it rarely goes below 22°C at night. The overall average daytime temperature is 27°C this month, which is extremely warm. Mind you, this is one of the "coolest" months of the year. The four previous months of September, October, November and December also had a 27°C average temperature, while the seven following months will be 28°C warm on average—the temperature is quite constant in this city.Due to frequent tropical rainfall—this month falls within the wettest part of the year—and high percentage of cloud cover, the sun shines for only 6 hours each day. This is one of the least sunny months of the year.The total monthly precipitation amounts to 239mm with 16 days of the month experiencing some kind of rain. This makes it the sixth wettest of all months. There are, however, also 15 days that remain completely dry.